Mission and Values

The Mission

Our mission is to glorify and enjoy God forever by

building one another up in the faith through intentional worship, fellowship, and discipleship,
remaining true to God’s Word and our confessional heritage, and
engaging Orange City and the surrounding area with God’s grace.

Our Values

Our values can be summed up in the phrase “Grace for all of life.” This breaks down into two categories of values, “grace” and “all of life.”


Jesus is at the center of everything we do. The gospel is the good news about Jesus who came to redeem sinful humans from God’s wrath into God’s eternal salvation. This gospel affects every area of life for the better and is what we seek to share with everyone.

We have been blessed with an inheritance of time-tested biblical interpretation, particularly in the basics of the Christian faith. We take our orthodox, reformed, and presbyterian (e.g. the Westminster Confession of Faith) heritage seriously.

For all of life

The Bible says that we should not just worship God with our actions (e.g. going to church on Sunday, giving to the poor, praying, etc…) but also with our minds and our hearts.

  • We seek to engage our minds by stimulating thoughts about God and life from the Bible and encouraging friendly discussion of these thoughts.
  • We seek to engage our hearts by engaging our emotions in ways such as drawing our hearts to joy and processing through sorrow.
  • We seek to engage our hands by discerning gifts and encouraging everyone in service.
    All of the time

We cherish and protect life, from conception to death. The Bible says that life was meant to be, death was not. Adam and Eve sinned and brought death, disease, pain, and disaster into the world. Jesus came to remove death and bring eternal life back to the human race.

The family is a crucial part of a functioning society. This is undermined in our culture. God designed families to be centers of hospitality and care as well as discipleship and education. God designed the basic family unit to be the marriage of one man and one woman, with their children. Men and women are each designed by God to flourish in their unique roles in the family, society, and the church.

Jesus came to save not just Israel, but all nations, to the ends of the earth. We eagerly support the sharing of the gospel and bringing up disciples with all nations, tongues, and peoples. Our own place, Orange City and the surrounding area, is included in this. We seek to plant churches where the gospel is unknown or ignored.